"Fashion fade only style remains the Same"

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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Guest Post: Choosing an Outfit for a Night Out with Friends

Choosing an Outfit for a Night Out with Friends
by Brooke S.

Venturing out with friends is a wonderful way to spend an evening. This is an opportunity to relax, unwind, and enjoy the company of those closest to you. When you venture out of the house, however, it's only natural that you want to dress for the meal. It's always uncomfortable to show up at a formal restaurant in jeans or be dressed formally at a casual sports bar. Here are some great outfits to consider when your friends suggest you all get together for a meal.


Jeans are always a great way to start a casual dinner outfit, as they can be worn with just about anything from a sweatshirt to a more formal shirt. Since restaurants often range from drafty (when you're seated under a vent) to hot (when you're stuck at a table close to the kitchen), it's always a good idea to pair a cute top with some kind of sweater or jacket that can be removed if needed. Blue, red and olive green are definitely big this year and would look great in sweater form. You can pair these shades with a casual shirt or tank top in a solid accent color. Boots are also very in right now and would be a great way to complete the ensemble. Add a cute handbag in a neutral color like brown or gray, and you're all set!

Business casual

Business casual is great if you're going out with your colleagues, meeting clients or just going to grab a bite to eat at a place slightly more upscale than your usual sports bar. You can start with either dress pants or a skirt or dress. We love skirts and dresses because they offer so many opportunities to show personality! Consider starting with a fun and classy knee-length number. To make the outfit unique, look for a scarf or wrap to wind around your neck to add some color and style to your outfit. Complete the look with dressy flats or low heels and you'll be good to go.

More formal

There are many times when you might find yourself heading out for a dinner with friends at a classier restaurant. One of the easiest, go to outfits for women is definitely a dress. Unless you're going to a formal nighttime event, you'll probably do well with a cocktail dress or knee-length dress. Black is always a solid bet, although red and olive shades are also in style this year. It's probably best to wear heels with the outfit, but make sure they aren't so high that they'll make you trip! Earrings are fantastic accessories, and something like diamond studs or small hoops are always a good choice. A necklace to accent your dress should complete the outfit.

Going out to dinner with friends is a great way to unwind and have some laughs after a long week behind the desk. Whether you are going to a restaurant that is casual, nice or formal, these ideas above should help you begin to plan your outfit so you always look fabulous.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guest Post: A Guide to Buying Women Popular Shoe Brands

Guide to Buying Popular Women Shoe Brands
by Maria Benson

Are you very excited to buy new shoes? Want to know the different popular brands? Let us see some of them

Now a day women are more conscious about their style, they are spending their cash on fashion designer brand accessories, costumes, clothes, and famous shoe brands for women.

Adults who know the importance of cash will go for designer brands because label elements always provide warranties and guarantees specifically in the occasion or exchange offers, you can’t compete on quality products.

There are many options for shoes like combat, mid-calf, camel colored, slouchy, cowboy, equestrian, Jimmy Choo, foramina, Miu Miu, Miss sixty, Mud, Emu and so on. Long black shoes are continual choices that you fallback every time.

These discounts come from trader due to more stock of same designs or the truth that the shoes might not be the latest season beloved. More women do not bothered about the new designed shoes they will think about the truth that originally afford to put the designer tag.

If you don’t have any famous brand shoes then you can find for the trendy and hot brands which were rocking the market today.  After consideration of famous brand it will not affect designers of these brands are developing.

These designers are boosted by fashion public in Paris, New York, French and so on. First make a decision on popular brand shoes you want for events and then make a note on design, after that purchase the shoes which meets your needs. While purchasing shoes don’t forget to get your pair from worthy stores.

The shoe of type mid sole cushion is capable to encourage the feet for what you do. Flat bottom shoes are more comfortable and will take care of feet. Matching good foot wear must have the attractive color that is brighter then pants.

In winter season boots and pumps are the best option. They give you smart and trendy, attractive look to your shoes. Each and every person goes for best quality even though it costs more. Purchasing the branded shoes and other elements compliments the style and quality of individual.

Once you purchase, then start using it and take care of it. Follow some tips like put the shoes in appropriate box, purchase shoe cleaning items and polishes, place shoes in dry location where there in medium temperature, purchase shoe taps and so on.

The shoes made from leather will soak according to its ability. You can put the conditioner to the leather shoes outside as well as inside. It is the style to wear shoes in your armoire on a regular basis. This makes sure that every outfit has got suiting couple of shoes. Heels also different heights and models but pump is the best model among heels. They are strip less shoes that may be sharp or circular toes.

In order to buy branded shoes you need money and if you run short of money apply for loans while applying make sure that it is supplied with
PPI claims.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cheers to a New Year!

Cheers to a Fresh New Year!

Another fresh new year is here...
Another year to be stress free of worries, doubt, and fear,
to love,laugh and give!

Let's hope this year is better than the last.
Just hope it's filled with joy, success and love.