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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Horoscopes: What do they really mean??

Horoscopes can tell a lot about a significant other, have you ever wanted to research your sign but just haven't had the chance to do it, that's the same question I often wonder. This week starts off with the Gemini's who are good listeners and can communicate very well. According to the Astor-Profile Gemini's have the following qualities:

You can be happy single or married because you revel in friendships. You're also the communicator for all seasons the sign most likely to teach lovers how to please you and learn how to please them. Socially, you love to receive breaking news and to convey it. Many will confess their sins and solicit your parental advice. Some may question your ability to keep a secret because of your passion to inform. Let your dread of interpersonal conflict and related memories inform your discretion. Your insatiable appetite for knowledge  intellectual and carnal  makes you a slave not to stability, but to novelty. Potential lovers may question your staying power as much as you do. In time, you may find the perfect soul mate  one who trusts you completely and seeks not to restrict your freedom but to benefit from it. Avoid codependent people and control freaks. And open your heart as wide as your mind.

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