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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Article of the Week: 5 Things Men Look for in a Wifey

According to www.bossip.com there are five things men look for in a wifey they are the following:

Assess her personality. This means her personal characteristics, emotions, style and expressions. Her perspective on the world around her, combined with her level of self-esteem, can speak volumes about the type of life partner and future parent she will be.

Personality means a lot and it definitely tells if you make a good couple. Don't allow it to clash with alter egos ways meaning being cocky and arrogant it's okay to be confident cause thats what makes us women sexy.

Physical and sexual attraction can mean different things to different people. To some, romance and intimacy are key, while others prefer more active and kinky activities to really make them feel attracted to their partner. It’s important that your attraction and chemistry are mutual, and sustainable for years to come as a married couple.

 In order to be with someone for the rest of your life you have to have chemistry with that person not only physical or sexual attraction but mentally and spiritual which adds to a everlasting bond. 

Finding a mate mutually matched near your level of intelligence is important to compatibility and having meaningful conversations as a couple. How she observes the world, either casually or aggressively, her level of education, sense of humor, skills, hobbies and conversation style are all important elements of this assessment.

Knowledge is power either you have it or you don't, finding someone who is compatible is very important no one wants someone who is not on there level.

Money matters affect everyone, and finances are a key factor in the success of a marriage. Pay attention to spending style, lifestyle, professional ambitions and financial goals when determining your compatibility when it comes to spending and saving.

 Planning a financial goal or having one is very important no man wants a woman who overly spends in that case, managing your money plus budgeting it  saves and says alot about who you are.

Spiritual values don’t necessarily mean affiliation with a religion but rather a general belief in a reason and purpose for being here. Other values to consider include those involved with family, stability, purpose, religion, optimism, honesty and integrity.

What you value can mean a lot to a man he may see this as a turn on because you both have the same beliefs and qualities. I believe that every women should have three things in life and that is standards, values and respect for yourself cause if you don't  then who will. My mom always tell me "Don't settle for less when there is more to Seek".

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