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Friday, February 25, 2011

OohiLove Consumers Experience Fraudalents Activity

Put them on Blast:

In today's society you don't to leave your house in order to purchase the latest in fashion, there are alot of websites that has  incredible deals on your choice of designers. Recently, I came across  oohilove.com which offers luxury designer accessories for fraction of the price by allowing its consumers to bid on their merchandise. Many consumers refer this site as a rid off which even use bbb accredited and pay pal service. However, its not rated on better business bureau website so its not legitimate. Most consumer states that they were out bid by bid assistant or spend to much on bid cards and never won even there accounts were cancel or states "fraud suspicion". When ever you decide to make a purchase online check the company history everything you see that might seems to good to be true may not be what it seems.

Website:      www.oohilove.com
Address:     800 W El Camino Real #200
                   Mountain View, CA 94040
                   (877) 664-4568
Hours:        9a.m. to 5p.m.

Read complaints about this site at http://www.trustlink.com/


allen said...

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Linda said...

I have personally bid on items and I also feel it may be a scam. I have noticed the same LV bags over the past month. While I was certainly willing to pay a fair amount for these bags, I began to feel like a idiot after submitting bids along with many others and then began noticing
people dropping out one by one and it was just me and the automatic bidder. When I decided to stop, the automatic won the next bid. I have some bids left that I purchased and frankly, I'm not sure I will even use them. Good luck to you if you decide to bid with this site.

Yee L. said...

It is a scam. They showed you how people win auctions and paid so little. However when you actually bid with your money there will always be someone who is bidding against you and this person seems to have unlimited amount of money (bids). I believe most of the bidders are part of the company. They knew how much bids you have and what you put in bid assistant and they can always outbid you. I am mad at myself that I am so stupid to try. PLEASE DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP. If you think gambling is addictive and bad, this is worst. At least you have a 50% chance of winning when you gamble! They spray on your feeling of not wanting to lose and the fact that everyone loves a bargain. They are blood sucking vampires! Please stay away! It is an expensive lesson for me.