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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday Guest Post by Brooke Samsonite

Although some might call me a tightwad, I prefer to think of myself as frugal. I can squeeze a dime until it screams. Instead of spending large amounts of money on items that I may only wear once, I try to spend carefully so that I get more bang for my buck! "Value" is what I call it. This practice helps me buy fashion accessories that complete my outfits, instead of purchasing a single, more expensive piece that is less flexible. Here are some of my recent super-thrifty finds:

Straw Fedora with Flower Detail

Forget those old-fashioned, plain brown fedoras you see in old black-and-white movies. This retro straw fedora in a shiny copper color stands out beautifully from the crowd. Detailed with a braided brown band and a floral decoration, this chapeau will not only make you welcome bad hair days, you'll seek it out anytime you need an extra bit of flair, night or day. The combination of one of this year's hottest colors – copper – combined with the retro style adds the bit of whimsy that allows you wear it casually or moderately dressy.

In 'n' Out Color Woven Belt

Unlike during cold weather, textures in summer fashion are often hard to come by. But this nifty little woven belt I came across does just the trick. Woven with dark leather interspersed with a bright accent of turquoise, this belt has a worn gold-colored oval buckle that is just bright enough to add a third color to the mix. It's a perfect complement to a pair of jeans or even to cinch the waist of a dress.

Hello Kitty Kitture Scarf

What better way to add a splash of cool fashion to an otherwise casual, "I'm running errands" look? This Hello Kitty scarf is large enough to drape in several layers around your neck, use as a belt, tie as a head turban or even make a mini sarong at the beach.

Fresh Flower Hair Clip

This flower hair clip definitely makes a statement and a fresh, fashionable one at that! Measuring 5 1/2 inches across, it's large enough to make a statement, and it's going to stand out in ways that a mousy brown barrette never could. Available in six vibrant colors – yellow, lime green, purple, blue, coral red and orange – this accessory will match any outfit, so you have no excuse not to have several in your fashion arsenal.

Bright Rubberized Frame Glasses

Geeky eyeglasses are still in vogue, but with a colorful twist! These rubberized eyeglass frames are available in red, purple or royal blue, so they're as outstanding visually as they are fun. Buy one of each color and you will always be cool and color-coordinated.
One. Two. Three. Four. Five. That's five fashionable finds that cost less than most women pay for just one. If you're a penny-pinching fashionista like me, then you can start racking up your Thrifty Tuesday finds, too.

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