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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guest Post: Three Fashionable Charm Bracelets

Three fashionable trends that put the "charm" back in charm bracelets
By: Brooke Samsonite

Pave Bow Wish Bracelet
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The fashion world has recently been divided over the following question: Are charm bracelets still in style? Some believe that charm bracelets are primarily an accessory option for tweens, while others say they're cute accessories for any age. Although some controversy exists surrounding this question, this fashionista says charm bracelets are, in fact, still a trend worth considering. If you're on the fence regarding this debate and are looking for a bit more evidence, consider the following list of adorable trends in charm bracelets.

Themed charm bracelets

Charm bracelets used to be primarily customized according to the unique style of the wearer, which resulted in several mix-and-match styles of bracelets that often mixed more than they matched, if you catch my drift. Although you can certainly choose better-coordinated charms for a sharp look, themed charm bracelets save you some time and money by putting it all together for you. For example, a patriotic-themed charm bracelet might include a heart-shaped American flag charm, a red-and-white ribbon and various additional color and country-specific charms that complement one another.

Charm bracelets with a message

Via Refinery29

One of the most popular trends among charm bracelet enthusiasts today is charm letters. Unlike images, letters allow you to spell out your style alphabetically, which opens an entire new world of customization opportunities. For example, you can include your or your BFF's initials on your bracelet, or even keep it a little more cryptic with a crush's first initial. Spell out popular acronyms like "WWJD," "TGIF," and "LOL," or make up some of your own and start a new trend.

Complementary charm bracelets

Have a best friend or significant other you share everything with? Why not invest sentimental value in your charm bracelet by coordinating your charm with this special person? Complementary charms can include cute combos like a lock and key, two halves of a heart, and even quirky pairs like the missing piece of a nearly-whole pizza. Unlike traditional charm bracelets where charms were purely chosen based on the individual characteristics and personality traits of their owners, modern trends allow you to share your style and add deeper meaning to the jewelry you wear.
If charm bracelets just aren't your thing, there are tons of alternative bracelet styles to choose from that can allow you to decorate your wrists on your own terms. Consider the following three bracelet trends:

Gorjana Graham Leather Studded Bone Triple Wrap Bracelet
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  • Studs: Nothing adds edge to your look quite like and arm of sparkling studs, which can add a punk rock touch to both girly and goth outfits.
  • Woven: For a hip, bohemian look, choose woven bracelets for showcasing your more laid-back side, while adding lots of color to your image.
  • Layering: Today's trends dictate that you can't wear just one bracelet, which is why layering is a great way to add bling to your look with watches, rhinestones and color-coordinated wrist candy to complete your style.
Whether you prefer charms or a layered look, there's something for every style this season in accessories. 


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