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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thifty Tuesday Guest Post

How to wear the lace look – for less
by Brooke Samonsite

All my thriftin' sistas listen up: this article will be your frugal-friendly guide to rocking the new lace trend on a budget. You've probably already seen lacy little numbers popping up all over the fashion world lately, and it's clear that this sexy and sophisticated style is here to stay. However, this high-end look can often come at a high-end price, which is worrisome to fashionistas with a limited bank account. Luckily, you can have the best of both worlds with the following fashionable and frugal pieces that add stylish lace to your wardrobe.

1. Hair accessories
Every frugal fashionista knows that accessories are the key to adding variety to your wardrobe without breaking the bank, which is why lace hair accessories are a fun and flirty go-to option for embracing the lace trend. Claire's offers an incredibly cute lace flower headwrap that comes embellished with pearls and gems to make your outfit sparkle. Best of all – at $5.50 – this accessory works for almost any budget.
2. Pretty blouses
A lace blouse can be paired perfectly with a cute cami or a saucy bandeau to add color and class to your wardrobe, but you have to know where to look when purchasing these cover-ups. Consignment shops are a great place to find pretty lacy blouses at a discount, but you can even make your own lace blouses out of doilies, old lace curtains or other lace items you have lying around the house.
3. Waist belts
If you can't afford a whole lacy outfit, use one lacy element to tie everything together with a lace waist belt. Lacy waist belts not only put your clothes on the cutting edge, but they create an extremely flattering silhouette. These belts may be a little more difficult to find compared to other basic lace items, but you can always substitute a lacy scarf for the same effect and even greater versatility.
4. Lace applique flats
Want dainty, feminine feet to complement your girliest outfits? Try a pair of lace applique flats to add an artistic edge that finishes off your look with elegance. Luckily for budgeting shoppers, you can find these shoes at essentially any retail store – even at low-priced favorites like Target and Wal-Mart. However, you can also simply revamp your own old pair of flats by purchasing lace applique and applying it to shoes you already own for brand new and thrifty footwear.
Although lace might have the appearance of luxury, you don't have to shovel out exorbitant amounts of money to achieve this classy style. By combining accessories and trying out do-it-yourself projects, you can have the elegant lacy look that everyone's wearing, for less. And another budgeting bonus tip: look for wedding apparel in thrift stores to find lacy items you can reuse and/or revamp for your own wardrobe.

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