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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Guest Post: Holiday Shopping Tips

Holiday Shopping Tips: Stay Cute and Comfortable at the Mall This Season
by: Brooke S.

When getting ready for Black Friday shopping, you're probably thinking about long lines and crowded stores—and not about your personal style. This season, you'll probably see lots of friends and family members when shopping at the mall so it's important to look good.

Basic Outfit Ideas
If you're shopping for others and don't plan to try on any clothes, wear something simple yet chic. Think leggings or tights, a short skirt and a sweater. Top it off with a beanie or slouch cap. Or try long leggings and a tunic for basic everyday style. Jazz up this look with a long necklace or cozy cowl so you don't look like you crawled out of bed, threw on Uggs and a sweatshirt and hit the stores.

If you plan to do a little shopping for you, think in terms of clothes you can easily change into and out of. You definitely don't want to take off tights. Think skinny jeans, a boyfriend tee or tank and a simple blazer. The combo is comfortable and stylish. Accessorize with a statement necklace or fun winter hat.

Dos and Don'ts
While it can be tempting to show off your new high-heeled boots, keep your shoes comfortable. Ballet flats and flat booties work well here because they're super comfy, pair well with so many looks and are easy to take off. If your tall boots are comfy, great—but do you want to be lacing and unlacing them when trying on clothes?

If you can, leave your coat in the car or carry a lightweight jacket. Along the same vein, shrink down your purse size. A small lightweight clutch carries all the essentials and won't weigh down your shoulder while you shop. Bags get heavy, and if you're buying for the holidays you're sure to accumulate additional items to weigh you down.

When shopping for your perfect New Year's Eve outfit, bring along anything you might want to wear with it, like your heels. Just don't wear those stillettos to the mall or you'll wear out your feet. Same goes if you're looking to match something you already own: Bring the item along but don't feel you have to wear it.

No matter what you decide to wear, take time to do your hair and makeup. These little things will help you feel better when checking out potential outfits in the dressing room mirror and keep you covered if you run into friends. Fashion earrings, necklaces, scarves and hats let you incorporate some festive holiday flair or on-point trends.

When you take time to put yourself together, you just feel better all around when shopping. Who says comfortable can't be cute this holiday season?

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