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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Guest Post: How to Dress for Success at Your Office Party

How to Dress for Success at Your Office Party
by Brooke S.

Annual office parties give you and your coworkers a chance to unwind and enjoy the season’s festivities together. Whether your boss foots the bill for a lavish banquet at a nearby convention center or hosts an intimate party in the office’s break room, dress for success. Sure, it’s a party, but you’re a professional. Dress like one!

What Not to Wear

When you think “holiday party,” do your little black sequined dress and high heels come to mind? That outfit’s great if you’re going out for an evening with girlfriends, but your co-workers don’t need or want to see you dressed for the club.

Likewise, leave the see-through, short or tight clothes at home. Your office party isn’t the place to show off your stomach, thighs or cleavage.

On the opposite side of the holiday wardrobe spectrum, you don’t want to wear your casual sweats or novelty items either. You know what I’m talking about: the holiday sweater with jeans, red sweater with green pants or the Santa socks and reindeer antler headbands. These clothing combinations and novelty items are cute at home, but you’ll appear unprofessional or silly if you wear them to the office party.

What to Wear

Remember that you represent your company and your professional career at work, after work and at office functions. Keep your professional reputation and your job secure by wearing appropriate clothing to your office holiday party.

This doesn’t mean you have to wear regular work clothes. A party is your chance to dress up a little while relaxing with your colleagues, meeting your boss’s wife and celebrating the holiday. Try wearing clothes that celebrate the season without overdoing the festivities. For example, consider dressing up a suit by pairing it with red silky blouse, red shoes and a red handbag. Pair your little black dress with sensible heels and a red jacket. Wear green leggings with a cream wrap sweater and boots. These outfits are tasteful and look great without going over the top.

And don’t forget the jewelry. Use sparkling, colorful pieces to show your seasonal spirit and add color to your outfit. Snowflake dangle earrings with a matching bracelet, diamond studs with matching hair clips or a ruby necklace with a red cocktail ring show off your holiday spirit with style.

At your office holiday party, maintain your professional reputation when you wear fashionable yet tasteful clothing. Let your hair down and enjoy mingling with your coworkers. With appropriate clothing, you’re dressed for success.

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